Hermien Van Der Merwe

— My Media —

The media I use strengthen the theme of my artworks:


Charcoal is burnt wood. Used as a drawing medium, this links with the theme of the scorching that the fynbos flowers needs to go through to produce a better bloom.

Printing inks and thinners:

I use thinners to strip printing ink off paper and use this as a printing and painting medium. In nature, fire strips the land of weeds and bakes the fynbos seeds to produce vibrant new growth.

Flammable binding materials:

I often draw with flammable glue and ignite this on my paper or canvas. This creates beautiful smoky stains and links with the fire theme in my fynbos work.

Linen and wire petals and the use of electrical light for my chandeliers:

Fine Linen is beautiful. I use this to cover the wire structure of my Chandeliers. Every petal is meticulously hand-crafted and beautifully finished with a pearlescent glaze. The light shines from within. Like the electric light, we too need to be connected to our source of energy, our Maker, to bring Light To The World.

Oil Paint:

I have worked mainly in oils since 2000. Oil paint is one of the oldest and richest of mediums. The pliability of the paint and the deep quality of the colours makes this medium on of my favourites.

I also work in:

Pen and ink, chalk pastel and graphite.