Hermien Van Der Merwe

— Why Fynbos? —

The meaning of fynbos in my art:

Since 2008, I have found my inspiration in the indigenous fynbos flora of the Cape biosphere and fynbos flowers form a golden thread through my work.

Fynbos flowers are such understated, beautiful and strong flowers. They are proudly South African – as I am also proud to be South African. After all, we humans too have to flower where we are sown and I am deeply rooted in Durbanville.

Fynbos seeds need to be scorched by natural fires from time to time to produce a better flower in the next year. We, as humans, also need to be purified by God’s fire – the Holy Spirit – to become the person that He intended us to be – to flower for Him. To me to flower means to grow to one’s full potential, to become beautiful, to be fruitful.